Upgrade body or lenses?

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Re: Upgrade body or lenses?

4: Keep 18-55 but add EF 85/1.8

Chez Wimpy wrote:

potatograph wrote:

1. Sell the 40D and upgrade to the 60D

2. Sell the 18-55 and buy a 15-85.
3. Sell the 18-55 and buy an 18-135.

Not to belabor the point too much, but the current 16MP Sony sensor in a few m43 models (Olympus EPM2, EPL5, EM5, and the Panasonic GH3) smokes the 18MP APS-C in the current Canons.

Unless the GH3 sensor is much improved over the GH2, I an not agree with that. I have the GH2, and it does not smoke anything, not even my old 5D except for portability.

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