Any OMD users switched from Panny 20mm to Sigma 19mm to avoid the banding?

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Re: Any OMD users switched from Panny 20mm to Sigma 19mm to avoid the banding?

sean000 wrote:

sderdiarian wrote:

My standard lens in my OM-2S days was the Olympus 40mm f2.0 prime (back then we just called them "lenses", as compared to the then rare "zooms" ). Loved the focal length for just the reason you stated: just wide enough to take group portraits indoors and also just wide enough for landscapes without any noticeable distortion. Take it over 25mm any day, but that's just me.

I agree that it's just a very useful field of view. I went from a 35mm f/2 on APS-C to the 20mm on m4/3, and I immediately appreciated the slightly wider field of view.

As for banding, talk about much ado about nothing, it's already such a fast optic at f1.7 how often would one ever need to go beyond ISO6400, or even ISO3200? How quickly we've become spoiled!

I think it depends on your subject. Before we had children I rarely shot above ISO 400. In fact many of my shots were taken at ISO 100 or 200, using a tripod, regardless of the light.

Of course sometimes you really are better off with flash, since the available light isn't always good light, but the ability to get really good photos at 3200, and perfectly usable ones at 6400, just adds more tools to the box. It's good to have options

Agreed, options are a good thing. And my "kids" are now in their early 30's, so no issues with shooting in very dark conditions, making life easier for me, though I well remember "those days" and am even a bit jealous, they were a blast !

I just purchased a used copy of the 20mm to go with my E-M5 and E-PM1, my first prime having come from 4/3's land where quality zooms reign supreme.  I'm quite excited to play again with my favorite focal length from my OM-2S days of yore.  It's evening out now, and snowing, so I'll give it a go tomorrow.  But it sure looks nice perched on the E-M5!

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