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Re: Sony SLT 57 or Canon T3i/T4i...

Eric Perez wrote:

Aside from the tasteless black comment (I don't appreciate racism), I think the OP is looking at some good cameras. ... Ask in open forum if you really want non biased opinions, and remember, we are all the same underneath our skin color.

I had to go back and try to find the comment to which you refer. The OP would have to weigh in to know for sure, but I merely assumed he was talking about a problem with darker photos, that is, a tendency to underexpose in general. Nothing racial ever crossed my mind when I read that. I don't want the thread to go off on a tangent about this, but I just didn't see what you saw in the comment.

At the same time, I have done people photography in sub-Saharan Africa (having lived there for a while back in the days of film), and have spoken with others who do quite a bit of the same even now in the digital era. Proper exposure for detail in faces under a tropical sky without blowing out all the highlights can be a challenge. What I would have given for Sony's DRO adjustment back in those days! There's nothing particularly racist about that fact. If the photo industry had developed there instead of Europe/North America/Japan, then perhaps we would have the opposite problem. Again, nothing particular racist, just a fact of life and photons for photographers to deal with.

If however the OP meantthe mark as a throwaway racial slur, then that's another matter, and I've just wasted two minutes of my time and yours!

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