Goodby imaginary D400?

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Seems to me there are a whole lot more buyers for a D400 then a D4X at $6,000+. DX is the biggist profit machine on the DSLR line for Nikon. A D400 at $1599 would sell very well. when all these sales are done on the D600/800 the number of units selling is going to go much lower. Next year should be the year for DX as Tom Hogan thinks.

We need the D5200 in the US,  (D7100 or D400 or both)  & a few more primes including at least one wide angle plus the updated 16-85 vr F4 then the DX line will be rounded out pretty good for most of us.

36mp is just too much for most of us. A 16mp -24mp D710 makes a lot of sense. I don't see 52mp as anything but bragging rights for Nikon at the price it likely would come in at in the D4 type body


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