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Re: Robert, you're hardly treating LR (ACR) fairly here.

gollywop wrote:

How effective is PN at exposure compression: i.e., pulling up shadows significantly (several EV) while keeping highlights in check? I do a lot of ETTR shooting that, in order to preserve highlights, tends, in high DR shots, to produce very dark images. Both RPP and ACR are very effective in pulling up those shadows, even up to 3EV or more, while keeping the highlights well defined and unclipped.

All in all I think ACR does a better job of extracting shadow detail, but I ave an image of a Snowy Egret with it's breast in shadow from it's wing, which appeared as a blue cast.

I couldn't sucessfully remove the blue cast/noise and leave any appearance of detail,  in either ACR (even with the Brush Tool), or DPP, and in the end, PN did a superior job.

The main advantage of PN, to me, is the ability to define foliage & such:

I tried an image with Spanish Moss near the main subject which regardless of what I tried in ACR remained fuzzy & obscure whereas PN rendered it sharply defined as if a sharper lens or DOF had been used.   " Background" foliage seems to have a similar effect.

PN seems to have something going for it when it comes to Micro-Contrast in areas as described.

I'm sure it will take a while to truly get a handle on it, and descide how/when to include it in my work flow.


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