good old 28-105D vs 24-70mm

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Re: good old 28-105D vs 24-70mm

zzzzzzzzzzz wrote:

I've owned my 28-105D since 1999 and it has been used on film and a D50, D90, D7000, and D800. It has always been fairly poor at 28mm, especially wide open where is is borderline unacceptable with tons of CA and blurring along the left side of the image. Nikon in Melville has "repaired" it about 5 times and it never gets any better. It is very good when stopped down a bit at 35mm and longer, but my new 24-85VR is a better lens.

I've been through two copies myself AND tested a handful more.  Many of these 28-105Ds have major centering issues for some reason - either an initial QC problem at Nikon or they are susceptible to misalignment from minor impact.  The zoom mechanism, being plastic and all, tends to wear out and get sticky and I'm told there is no repair other than to replace the offending parts which makes it a bit expensive.

Still a great all around lens that Nikon should definitely update (optics, AF and mechanics) while keeping the very useful macro capabilities.

A companion 24-85/2.8-4AFS VR would be great too . . . .

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