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I gotta admit this is pretty funny....

mroy wrote:

DMillier wrote:

"Also, as Sigma undoubtedly knows, within the next 18 months one of the major sensor and camera makers is going to release an advanced multi-layer sensor which bypasses the Foveon patents "

but M Reichmann is not a very credible resource / reviewer all the times:

'The camera has some downsides, including poor battery life, abysmal raw software, and some frustrating controls, but these pale in comparison to its shear resolution and raw image quality.'

'Abysmal raw software' - like in 'extremely or hopelessly bad'? Simply not true.

'Frustrating controls' - seriously? The DP2M (and DP1M) controls are very fine and geared towards the photographer. Exposure comp - easy. ISO change - easy. Metering mode change - easy ... and so on and so on.

The cynic in me says, he should say so: just look at his Lightroom Tutorials.

Reichman had nothing but overall praise for the DP2M.  So basically you are more than proving the point that some people here (well, at least one - you included obviously) cannot stand the slightest "this is not perfect" Foveon/Sigma criticism.

I can only think this is Sony, but maybe this is Canon's next gen.

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