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I use a couple hard drives for backups. If you don't have excessive amounts of photos, I would also consider flash drives or SD cards. Dirt cheap for big capacity. If just photos and no personal data, make an SD card copy and throw it in the glovebox of you car for "offsite" storage. I think given the price of media these days, multiple library copies on hard drives, flash drives, and SD cards. Keep one in the car, keep one at work if possible, keep one at a friend or relatives house.

I, too, have been thinking about storing on SD or thumb drives. Seems these might have a longer life expectancy than a harddrive if stored away from magnetic fields. I don't know. I thought I had just lost a bunch of older photos but was finally able to have a different computer see my external harddrive. My main computer, for whatever reason, would not let me see them anymore. The harddrive was failing and I was lucky to have saved them so now I am paranoid.

Hardrives don't normally go bad sitting on a shelf. Even if they do, there is a plan B, in that there are companies that specalize in getting the data off them. I've been going through some drives that were made in the late 80's, checking to see if there is any data on them that I don't already have elsewhere. It's kind of a pain.

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