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Re: A breather and Perspective ( A bit OT ) Continued.

Craig from Nevada wrote:

illy wrote:

Craig from Nevada wrote:

Big Ga wrote:

CollBaxter wrote:

So I would be looking at around $14000 to replace all my stuff.

Collin - sorry if Ive missed the math somewhere, but is this including what you'd get from selling all your current gear? $14K seems like a new system cost rather than a sell and switch. (I remember reading the posts from a number of pros who went from Canon to Nikon in the last few years and many of them ended up not really having much extra expenditure at all - especially when they replaced what they sold with equivalent second hand gear)

Collin didn't net the cost of a new camera--namely an E-7. It appears other than a camera with a new sensor his kit is complete. Figure $2,000 for a new E-7 if one were ever built. This really appears to be driving a lot of people--see Stacey's post from a couple of weeks ago.

the trouble with an E-7 is that it doesn't exactly exist, using it as a reason why he should keep with Olympus and not move on is a bit hard to describe to be honest. He either waits and gets what's available, or he goes and buys something that is currently being sold. It's not a nice position to be in with all the money he has spent.

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The E-7 is the problem. It does not exist and never will. Consequently, people have to decide to stick with their current kit at no cost or move on.

People like Stacey and Collin want to either upgrade or move on. Collin and Stacey are saying I want to spend $2k to upgrade my E-5 kit, but can't, so I will move on. In other words the cost for Colin and Stacey to stay with Olympus is the retail price for an E-7 or about $2k.

Assume Collin's kit can fetch 25 cents on the dollar or about $3,500. He should be able to do better. Note: Stacey kept her glass according to a previous post she made.

So Colin has about $5,500 to work with (the cost to stay with Oly plus the net proceeds from his fire sale of Olympus equipment




24-70 Zeiss--$1,900

Sony HVL-F58AM--$500

Sony 50mm macro-- $573



Net $2,600 or $4,600 if you buy my story about the opportunity cost to stay with Oly. Figure Colin at least gave up the chance to spend $800 on the Nikon this week.

The A57 is a gold award, the A77 is weather sealed and a silver award. He would have two cameras--top of the line. The Zeiss lens is probably better than the 12-60mm. The 70-400g is a deal and the effect is 1.5 times or about 600mm--Equal to the 50-200mm with the 1.4 EC. The Sony macro is a good little lens. The flash is expensive.

Craig that great and thanks for the info.

We all don't live in the US. I live in South Africa so the only places I can  safely buy equipment from on the internet is Adorama and B&H. There are a lot of others on this forum with the same predicament. We can't  buy for the cheapest source and get free delivery. When I bring in equipment from B&H I get charged and Extra 10% duty and on top of that an Extra 14% vat

So $1000  =  ( 10% Duty ) +  (14% VAT) = $1254

We still have to have add freight and clearance charges. The last B&H shipment ( 5Kg) cost me $260

As to your costing  I have multiple flashes and a FE and a 35mm and a 135-400 and a whole bunch of other lenses . I have remote triggers ( Olympus Dedicated.) etc. Etc.

Actually the ziess lens is not as good as the 12-60 ( Some reviews )

The other thing is Sony has a EVF . I would use a EVF if forced to use one by using my current lenses  ( Olympus) but if I was building a new system I would go with one that still produces OVF cameras.

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