Pentax K-30 A (with articulating screen)

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Re: Pentax K-30 A (with articulating screen)


Personally I can't see any real argument for not having a folding/articulating screen,yes there's a bit more complexity but it's proven do-able, if you don't want to use it you don't,                         OK It's no deal breaker for me.

However, it definitely is for some and one has to listen to customers and trends.What is more important to me is that many people do want one(even from the many testimonies here) and even insist on one and they can't get one from Pentax!  Canon and Nikon make models with and without F/A screens and the customers buy the model they prefer,end of story. If your "for" F/A screens, you have to look elsewhere than Pentax, so you've  lost a customer for a camera and possible sales of lenses that can easily mean a couple of grand over a few years,but he's gone elsewhere!

That to me is where the argument against at least one body with F/A screen falls down,they should make another model with one,that would keep everybody happier and prevent some brand migration.In this difficult time, you can't turn you back trends in the photographic world,F/A screens are here to stay!

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