Couple of G15 annoyances and pluses

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Re: Flash Exposure

MisterPootieCat wrote:

carauction wrote:

Yes, I have the 220 EX and was fooling with it. Gonna try and set it up for her in P mode with some is really a nice camera. Any experience as to whether or not Canon might address this issue down the road?


The trick would be to get Canon to accept there was a problem in the first place, not always an easy thing to do. There are a few "features" that could certainly be improved upon IMO. The Auto ISO limit of 1600 would be high up on my list. Canon has updated point & shoot firmware in the past, we'll have to wait and see.

I was just doing some test shots with the built-in flash and Program AE mode, have to agree that when viewed on the LCD they do look a bit too hot for my tastes. One neat little feature: tap the right side of the multi-controller (flash icon) and the front dial can be used to dial in FEC as needed. It looks like -2/3 FEC is the most pleasing to my eye. But flash exposure is almost perfect with the 270EX, in bounce and non-bounce modes.

Yes, and Auto ISO in conjunction with manual exposure.

"The trick would be to get Canon to accept there was a problem in the first place"

Know hat you mean, same with Nikon. Hey, perhaps high flash exposure in Auto is what Canon wants. How many shooters in Auto mode are concerned with blown highlights, in return for more shadow detail? Perhaps there may indeed not be a problem.

I had the 270EX to use with my wife's S5. However I sold it, as I preferred the way my old 220 metered instead. Perhaps I had a bad copy of the 270. Wondering if I should try another 270, as my 220's heaviness makes things a bit unbalanced....and the bounce would be nice.


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