Tips for getting the best auto-focus

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Re: Tips for getting the best auto-focus

Y0GI wrote:

MAC wrote:

Y0GI wrote:

I found this tutorial over on the 10D-7D forum. It is very good and has a lot of useful information for beginners. If your photos are not coming out sharp, get out of Automatic Mode and give these tips a try!

To do zone focus by locking focus using the manual lens switch is lame.

just use custom functions to use back button.

when you removed your thumb from the back button the focus locks. I can't imagine his method to loose the plane of focus as he reaches over for the switch.

Agreed. 'Zone focusing' and BBF are prolly going to be above the heads of most beginners.

If you have a good tutorial on BBF for Rebels, please share!

Honestly I gave back button focus a try but shutter button focus lock and recompose seemed to result in a much higher keeper rate when using very wide apertures.

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