If Sigma had a mirrorless camera (CSC) ... pros/cons

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My wacky thought on a proper mirror less replacement to a DSLR

My main problem with a mirrorless replacement to a DSLR is that it ends up meaning "replace the viewfinder with an EVF".

I have yet to see an EVF I like at all better than an optical viewfinder.  You are just asking too much of a pixel based display in a small space.

But it's not like I don't want live view, it's not like I do not want the benefit of seeing not just through the lens, but the sensor itself.  It's just that I can't see how am EVF gets good enough.

So here's my thought on a real shift in how DSLRS are made.  Have no viewfinder as we know it today, but instead incorperate something like the Hoodman Loupe into the design of the DSLR itself.

Then all you have is the rear LCD, just like most compacts today.  But you also have the ability to hold the camera up to your eye and have the framed view fill your whole eye, just as with any viewfinder.  Instead of looking at a tiny LCD now you could be looking wholly at a 4" retina quality display from just inches away which really could be even nicer than the largest optical viewfinder.

If you were clever in design you could even allow for the shooter to keep the other eye open to have an eye on the action, just as you can today (with the Hoodman as is, the camera generally blocks your view).

The shape of such a thing would be different than the DSLR we know today, but it is the way I think to fully embrace a mirrorless DSLR.

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