Microsoft Word and Excel 97

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Office 97 runs fine on Windows 7 but you need at least professional. It would not run on Windows 7 home. I did not have to do anything special, it ran out of the box.

As far as why I would not upgrade to a newer version of Office - this was done on my 75 year old mom's computer. Hers bit the dust and she wanted Windows 7. I installed office 2010 for her and she freaked out and wanted her old Office back.

Change is not always good especially when I am the phone support.

I recently bought a new computer with Win7, I also bought Office 2010. My computer had Office 2010 starter installed. After seeing the difference between Office 2010 and my old version Office 2000. I returned Office 2010 and will continue using Office 2000.

I agree change is not always for the better. I found Office 2000 much more user friendly.

I think 2007/2010 are terrible interfaces. The nuts and bolts of the program is pretty much unchanged. There is a nifty plugin that gives you the old word/excel menus on a custom tab. The new interface makes more sense with a touch screen and a pen, but that's really not how the vast majority of people use a word processor.

You can't pin the Ribbon on being a move towards touch/pen interface.  It is an attempt to get more functions visible instead of hidden away in menus.

I'm not sure if it is true, but I heard a story about the Ribbon that went like this:  Microsoft was doing some focus group testing early in the development of Office 2007.  After compiling what users listed as their most desired new features they found that like 90% were already included in Office, but were just hard for new or novice users to find.  So they came up with the Ribbon to put them all out in the open.

Yes, the change was a bit jarring at first, but in my opinion, the Ribbon is a pretty ingenious feature, and once you get used to it, is a big improvement.

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