Couple of G15 annoyances and pluses

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Re: Flash Exposure

MisterPootieCat wrote:

carauction wrote:

Just received my G15 from B&H yesterday. Being that I really want to get good all around use of the camera, I decided to place it down in the living room so my wife could easily have it at hand to shoot the kids, dog, cat etc.(not necessarily in that order!). She is presently using the waterproof Canon PowerShot D20, which everyone adored over the summer in the pool. Now it has become the living room camera, so I figured I would replace it with the G15. The rest of time I will probably be using it shooting raw.

Decided to put the camera on Auto, as she would be using it. Also showed her 'P' mode, so she could have more control over the focus point. All Auto(ISO, WB, etc.)I took a few shots in average contrasty scenes with the on-board flash up. The whites were easily blown out. Changed metering between center weighted, matrix...little difference. Also made some minor flash & exposure compensation adjustments, still not too pleased. Could not bring back the highlights in CS3. The other thing is the color of the LCD screen is off, showing much more orange than reality when downloading.

On the plus side is great AF speed and accuracy....extremely pleased. And above all, I really like the color accuracy. Always liked Canon color accuracy over Nikon's. The build quality of the camera is simply superb.

Gonna weigh things out...we'll see. Wondering if Canon will be addressing these issues shortly with a firmware update....guess it is worth a phone call.


I've only taken a few shots with the built-in flash and the exposures seemed to be fine, but I was using shutter priority at the time. I've been shooting around the house with the 270EX and find the exposures almost perfect every time (in shutter priority again). Full Auto isn't a mode that I use much on any of my cameras, it just takes away too much control for my tastes but I can understand your logic. I'll have to play around with that mode for awhile and see if my flash behaves differently.

Unless I'm wrong, the camera will always default to evaluative metering when the flash is used. And you'll need to use flash exposure compensation to reduce flash exposure, changing camera exposure compensation normally has no effect on flash exposure in a scene.

Yes, I have the 220 EX and was fooling with it. Gonna try and set it up for her in P mode with some is really a nice camera. Any experience as to whether or not Canon might address this issue down the road?


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