4k kills the photography business? The Canon EOS 1D C shooting stills !

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Re: 4k kills the photography business? For some, yes.

Richard wrote:

Joe Ogiba wrote:

Does shooting 4k video kill the photography business or is it just another tool? Here, we have a guest post from Abraham Joffe showing how he shot stills with the Canon EOS 1D C – but by only shooting video and extracting the stills from the 4k video itself. It includes many comments from photographers and videographers like Philip Bloom, Sue Bryce, and others.

I posted this in a previous post. Yes, I think this will eventually end photography as we know it for event and sports. Landscape and snapshots may not be impacted because the benefit of picking out a single image from a video is reduced and not necessary. Photography that required more than 8mp images will also not be impacted I would think.

It will take time for the price to drop but yes at 8mp images in 4k video are enough for many applications.

It may not be too much longer. Although not implemented yet by a camera manufacturer, Sony has already embedded the 4K capability into one of their POS sensors so the path has widened. I think this is just another tool, but a good one for those that require those capabilities. Buy stock in flash memory!!!

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