Fuji X-Pro1 winter pictures!

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Re: Fuji X-Pro1 winter pictures!

Lakeview Man wrote:

rich789 wrote:

rich789 wrote:

Lakeview Man wrote:

easyeddy wrote:

I'm on of the few who really doesn't get B&W... what's the advantage for a snow scene?

There's no advantage I guess. Just a matter of taste.

On this particular day I wanted to try out the in-camera black and white yellow filter JPG conversion. But I also played with the jpeg files in Lightroom.

I kept the camera in Raw + jpeg mode, so I have the raw files too if I wanted color anyway. Here's a another picture which is black and white in the blog, but this version here is based on the raw file and processed in Lightroom 4. In camera white balance is used, exposure as it was out of the camera, but contrast is increased, hightlighs and whites recovered. I also increased saturation and vibrance some.

Wow ! Lovely. Colour works well in that shot.

In fact, just looked at the others, they are great as they are but would also look awesome if processed like this.

Ok, thanks. Since I got the raw files I might process them in color as well.

I loved this in b & w on your blog. It is a matter of taste but I think it is also a manner of seeing. I get two distinct impressions from the two different versions of this shot. The b & w is more desolate for me. Both have true value.

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