Merry Christmas and a new (used) camera

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Re: Merry Christmas and a new (used) camera

Your C-4000 pictures are nice.

I looked up the C-4000, and some of the user reviews available for it. The C-4000 was still thought well of in 2006. At $ 5.- it is indeed a bargain.

However, I always avoid like the plague any camera that looks like a 35mm rangefinder model, since all those rangefinders always were hopelessly imprecise for framing.

In 2002 I bought the 4MP C/D-40 pocket camera, which also used the SmartMedia card with a 128 kB maximum capacity. I passed it on the Sandra's daughter. As predicted, it became a paper weight when it eat its last SmartMedia card. It went through batteries real fast, and the battery door did not have an off-switch like other Olympus models do. So when you changed batteries in a hurry and forgot to turn off the C-40, it eat the card as well.

I have mixed memories of the Camedia range. The C-1400L, C-2500L and C/D-40 eat batteries. I used the C-750UZ for four years, but now I cannot understand why. It sucked in dust (I have Disney World pictures with fuzzy blotches in the sky), and it did not tolerate any hint of moisture.

The only C-model I retained for predictable behaviour and lack of vices is the C-990/D-490. It still works, I have just checked it. I might do a separate post for that piece of nostalgia.


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