Photo Ninja RAW converter High Res sample images.

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Re: Robert, you're hardly treating LR (ACR) fairly here.

I bought the $80 US Photo Ninja update after extensive comparison with ACR-7.

My opinion on it's current state is that it has potential, but "otta" be still in BETA form, as I think early user's are , in fact, going to be the paying BETA testers, & have to shell out the Upgrade cost in 12 months, for their contributions.

So, why did I buy it?

Mainly because the Upgrade price from Nose Ninja was only good to 12/29/2012.

Compared to ACR-7:

I've found in some images that micro contrast of some areas such as "background" foliage, etc. was more clearly defined, & gave the appearance of being "sharper"; that I was not able to duplicate in ACR7, regardless of what I tried.

For most images, I was able to acheive equal and/or "better" results in ACR.

The problems/ommisions with PN:

(1) No Local adjustment (Brush/Mask) option.

(2) Clarity/ACR7 has wide range with little to no artifacts.

Detail/PN adds harsh "noise"/artifacts with minimal movement.

(3) Shadow has minimal effect in PN compared tp ACR.

(4) Noise Reduction is "superior" in ACR (Surprising since PN has the NN engine).

(5) RAW sharpening, based upon Bruce Fraser's "method" is superior in ACR.

I'm hoping there will be vast improvements to PN, in the next few months; but, in the mean time, my regrets, if any, are increase my processing time by the temtation to try both Converters with each file---LOL.


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