Corel AfterShot Pro version is now available

Started Dec 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
Great Snoopy Regular Member • Posts: 122
I use it on Linux

I am using the trial of the previous version on linux for some time. My observations :

- Way faster than Raw Therapee

- Way more stable (RT sometimes segfaults while processing big batches of pictures)

- Slightly less detail than RT - but this is only visible when pixel-peeping images with very very fine details and textures.

- Due to the inclusion of NoiseNinja it's a better and simpler option to achieve better results on pictures shot at high ISO or those produced by smaller,noisier sensors (like my oly xz1 ).

- However, using RT one can use far more controls and options to control the final result - from the demosaicing algorithm to sharpness/local contrast/detail and colour transformations.

Summing it all up, that software is (imho) a very good value for the money and I intend to soon buy myself one to use in conjunction with RT that is my default raw processor.

RT strongpoints : detail in good light and control over a lot of parameters;

ASPro strongpoints: Stability (on linux at least), Speed, Noise Reduction.

Hope this helps.

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