Mack Warranty and PC Nation (How they will treat you in a pinch.)

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Sorry for the slow reply, as my computer is boxed and I want nothing to do with it for a couple of weeks!
The upshot on MACK:
You buy this 'non-warranty' that isn't insurance, yet they do insure in a weird way. They will say they 'have to get an insurance carrier to approve repairs' and in the same sentence say it isn't insurance! Must be a liability thing....Bottom line: you break your camera and it gets replaced. Sort of....

In Mack's world: the terms coverage, warranty, insurance, contract, etc. are used interchangibly and there are certain things a customer should be advised of before they buy into this:
1. If your camera is 'toast' they will replace with a 'refurbished model' that only has a 90-day non-transferrable warranty and thus, you don't get an apple for an apple.
2. They drop you as a customer at this point claiming that all obligations have been fulfilled.
3. This devalues your purchase as you lose your $200+ dollar warranty, you lose transferability of camera warranty, you lose nine months (75%) of your new camera coverage.
4. You lose the three years of Mack coverage you paid for.
So, you buy this and in a total loss you get a refurb that has reduced warranty coverage and resale value is lower -- but they do deliver.
It isn't exactly Allstate. But, it is a kind of poor man's insurance. I'll never sell the 800E anyway so I'll live. The new serial number is a mystery and no cover letter or anything. Feels hot, although I'm sure it's not.
So: while I am glad to have a replacement body, I would have preferred to have just gotten my money and bought a new one from Pearl (an option only Mack will exercise, but they do stipulate it as an 'option').

In terms of expediting faster 'in a pinch', not a fair test as they had Sandy hit them.

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