Time Machine: how to restore to a brand new HD (not the original drive)?

Started Dec 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
noirdesir Forum Pro • Posts: 13,272
Fairly simple

andrzej bialuski wrote:

It seems easier just to do a full restore.

Is there an option in the restore process that allows you to restore to a different drive than the original drive?

In the Finder navigate to the root of your computer (on recent OS versions this is the first entry under Devices in the Finder sidebar), enter Time Machine (via the menubar icon), navigate to the backup date from which you want to restore, right-click on your external drive (if you have the action menu in the Finder toolbar, you can also click on that), and select 'Restore to...' and point it to your you new 3 TB external drive.

Repeat for your second drive.

Also: how long does it take to restore 1TB of data? Is it hours or days perhaps?

Hours. If the data are mostly large files (eg, images) and not a lot of small files, you can get reasonably close to the effective throughput of USB 2 (I assume your existing TM backup drive is USB 2 and the drives are 3.5"). Maybe 30 Mb/s, that would make it about one hour.

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