Thinking of upgrading to G5 - how best to compare to G1?

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Re: Thinking of upgrading to G5 - Hi ISO DXO vs. real life experience.

induna wrote:

I am not able to answer your technical questions with regards to ISO performance precisely. However, I have recently upgraded from a G2 to a G5 and find the G5 to be superior in most ways. Shadow noise at ISO 800 is much reduced from the G2. So far, I find the G5 at ISO 1600 to outperform the G2 at 800.

This is interesting. I found this real life experience (16MPix sensor is about 1.5EV better than 12MPix) several times in reviews or forums and comparison of G5 to OMD varies from slightly/insignificantly better to much better without any number. On the other hand DXO ISO scores are: GF1:513; G5:618; OMD:826. So it seems that GF1 is not much worse than G5 and not even 1EV worse compared to OMD. And from graphs at DXO it seems that OMD would use ISO1600 where G5 would use 800 and GF1 just 640 (I don't know if I understand them correctly). When comparing RAWs on dpreview, OMD at ISO1600, Panasonics at 800, I can see that OMD and GH2 are pretty close, G3 has more noise in darker parts of the test image, and GF1 has even higher noise in dark and suffers from lower resolution and G5 is not tested.

I'm thinking of upgrading from GF1 to G5 (GH2 dilemma solved - it's not available anymore and price of G5 dropped significantly in my country), the main reason is a grip and ergonomy with heavier zoom lenses, other reasons are hi iso image quality, swivel screen and maybe a viewfinder. Reasons against upgrade are DSLR look, lack of dynamic b&w, worse battery life - none of them is really important.

So is it true that G5 is about 1.5EV better than G1/GF1 or is it true that even OMD is not even 1EV better than 1st generation of Panasonics?

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