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Re: Their glass will work, but...

TrapperJohn wrote:

C/N/P are way behind the curve in the mirrorless field.

If one of them were to come out with a complete, state of the art mirrorless system within a year, they could get into that game. But... M43 wasn't created overnight, it has four to five years of development behind it, and a lot of hard lessons learned. As well, it has two companies driving it: one an expert in still photography, one an expert in video and consumer marketing. M43 is very much like Nikon and Sony building bodies and lenses to the same lens mount.

Cameras can be very traditional in some respects, but digital is a blend of tradition and electronics. High tech does not forgive slackers. Being a few years behind is death in the tech field: just ask IBM or RIM (blackberry). Or Sony, they once ruled the portable music player market with the Walkman series.

4/3 also benefits from the fact that the sensor/lens combination, right now, hits a 'sweet spot' for size/performance. APS isn't much better with current sensor tech, but the glass is larger. Not an issue on a large DSLR, very much an issue with a smaller body.

In all the hububb over micro, it's easy to forget that the 'dynamic duo' of 12-60 and 50-200 cover a very wide range with professional grade image quality, in a package that's quite small compared to what C/N/P/S offer in that aperture/focal length range. Especially when you put a state of the art sensor behind those lenses. This brings up the concept of the advanced amateur getting into an EM5 for their 'small solution', but finding that with fast AF and HG glass, the hybrid replacement becomes their primary solution. I've lost count of the number of C/N owners who bought an EM5 for on the go use, but found they ended up leaving the big dslr at home for almost everything.

It seems almost unthinkable that C/N could lose a big chunk of their lofty perch, but I remember as a much younger person when Nikon ruled the roost, until they pooh-pooh'd the early autofocus and auto exposure cameras. Canon, a perennial also-ran until then, did not, and knocked Nikon off of the top spot. It took Nikon 25 years to claw it's way back to parity.

You would think that Nikon would have learned from that debacle, and Canon would have recalled the reasons behind it's rise to the top. You would think...

I agree with everything you have written.  Canikon seem to be happy with their profits on DSLR. This market will fade within 5 years.

Sony has it figured out--mirrorless and DSLR are close to seamless with the adapter they have. Hard to believe given that Sony has screwed up everything else it has touched in the last 20 years--how I loved my Trinitron.

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