Lumix G5 Rear Dial Flaw.

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Re: Lumix G5 Rear Dial Flaw.

mazoeca wrote:

"The "turn and push" rear dial is made of plastic with smooth rounded teeth. It is also quite stiff to turn. A lot of thumb pressure is therefore needed to make it rotate. As a result it is almost impossible to avoid pressing the dial in while adjusting Shutter Speed or Aperture. This causes it to switch mode repeatedly from exposure adjustment to Exposure Compensation and back in an extremely frustrating manner.

That used to drive me crazy too. I had a GF1, G1 and GH2 and all were the same. Really annoying.

I solved the problem by getting an Olympus OMD EM5. Two dials. The GH3 also has 2 dials. Obvious, really.

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