Monitor calibratration issue 10.8

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Re: Monitor calibratration issue 10.8

BeachnCruz wrote:

KG2002 wrote:

I am trying to calibrate my monitor but I am having issues with the tool - it stops on Connecting to Monitor with an "Unexpected error". I called support and went through all "did you connect your monitor?" questions. The only one that left me puzzled was "Is there any other software that tries to calibrate your monitor?". I am not sure if anything was introduced in Mountain Lion 10.8?

Have anyone had any issues with calibration on 10.8? Is there anything to disable?

Some background:

- I am running Mac Pro with LaCie 526 monitor. Calibrator

- I am using is Blue Eye V.2 that comes with the monitor. I am running the latest version of the tool that has been upgraded in November to support 10.8

- I installed the tool fresh (removed, cleaned up preferences and installed from scratch)

- I have basic software like Adobe and Aperture, nothing fancy

- I just connected monitor to MacBook Pro that still runs 10.6 and calibration is working for LaCie monitor. I am actually thinking simply moving the profile and be done if nothing else is going to help

Hi KG2002 …. I recently updated my Lacie Blue Eye Pro software to version 4.5.12 for use with my Lacie Blue Eye Pro and successfully updated my calibration profiles for a couple of HP LP2475W Monitors that I occasionally use with my MacBook Pro running Mountain Lion 10.8.2 ….. No problems....

I purchased a new X-rite i1 Display Pro for calibrating my NEC PA271W Monitor with NEC Spectraview II software for handling wide color gamut calibration and plan to eventually calibrate all my monitors with the X-rite running on Blue Eye Pro, NEC or X-rite software as needed or for comparison of results.


Thank you. It looks like something is in conflict with the software and I can't figure out what it is.

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