5D3 - Few Vintage Airplane Shots - From CR2 To JPEG

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Re: 5D3 - Few Vintage Airplane Shots - From CR2 To JPEG

birdbrain wrote:

A couple of nice shots there, although you have made the same mistake as I did when first shooting prop planes - your shutter speed is too fast

I think having that prop blur adds to the shot, you may disagree each to their own

Even pros who shoot prop planes for a living do it, I often look through aircraft magazines and see shots with frozen props.

I find a speed around 1/250 gives quite good prop blur:

Something which I have taken to doing when shooting air shows is to use the three 'C' setting on the camera. So C1 is for static shots so whatever you like, C2 is for props so 1/250 and +1EC and C3 is for jets so 1/1000 and +1EC. So you can quickly change to suit what you are shooting. Not infallible as sometimes the first shots of jets may be taken at 1/250 and likewise if the next plane in the sky is a prop after a jet, again the first shots might be at a 1/1000!

I tend to shoot handheld and have the IS in Mode 2.

If you check out my Flickr site there are quite a few plane shots there and if you dig deep enough the oldest ones will have frozen props, but I learnt that for me anyway a bit of prop blur is a good thing. The art is getting the plane sharp

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I wondered why the ball kept getting bigger, then it hit me.

Thanks for the tips. I saw that you are also shooting the 5D3 in your Flickr gallery, which is impressive. It is amazing how this 5D3 Camera works. I will try the mode 2 and experiment with 1/125 and maybe slower. I do have a mono-pod and IS on the 70-200mm f2.8L II is quite good. I also have the latest "III series" externder 1.4x and 2x. For me sharpness is my first order of business, since I do a fair amount of printing so I expect a little work is required to keep that at a slower shutter speed.

I agree with the prop motion, I will play with the 1/8000 just to see if I can read the manufacturer's label on the prop! The actual exposure is perfectly exposed. It might look a hair pushed on the average monitor, but the Histogram is good and Highlights are not blown in the least bit. Most of my post processing is set up for large format printing which has it's own set of special considerations.

Good thing for me is the local airport is about a mile from here, so lots of opportunities to be had.


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