Help needed w/ basic LR catalog Question.

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Help needed w/ basic LR catalog Question.

Hello all!

Help needed with a basic LR Catalog Question:

For years I have used LR much like Elements.

I import individual files for manipulation but never really spent time importing whole folders.

(Dumb I know)  In any case I am going to move the game along this year.

Backdrop:  I shoot RAW + JPEG, videos, and occasionally will place a text document in my photo folders.  I know I don't need JPEGS but I use them to quickly check focus and have them for a quick e-mail if needed, etc.

I have generally created a separate folder for each file type.

My question:

In setting up my "Master Photo Folder" is it best to leave these folders nested in within a single folder "Holidays 2012" or have them each stand on their own "Holidays 2012 RAW", Holidays 2012 JPEG, Holidays 2012 Video.

Does it matter?  In LR is one presentation better than another?

Any insights into this simple issue would be much appreciated.

Happy New Year!

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