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Thanks for looking Geoffrey!

Hen3ry wrote:

I haven’t looked in here for a while, but I've been thinking about the great colors the P880 used to deliver having run into a problem with dark skin tones with my Olympus E-PL3. The Oly color generally is excellent, but iot is behind the old Kodak color.

My problem with the Oly color has been in dark skin under-exposed by perhaps a stop. it just loses color! Turns black or gray. Not good!

I've had something similiar happen with other cameras I've shot with before(old Fuji F50, Panny FX100, Oly EP2).

I would see it in shadow areas of scenes I shot in fairly harsh light.

I'm no authority on this but my guess is that it is a result of the camera's jpeg engine trying to hold onto shadow detail in a scene that exceeded it's DR(assuming you are shooting jpegs).

Instead of letting the area clip to black, the jpeg engine is pulling the area for any detail it can get, so when you pull it even more it reveals the color info was lost.

The only thing I found I could do was to expose to the right as much as possible & avoid pulling the shadows as much as possible.

Also...have you experimented with the different picture "styles"(I can't remember the exact Oly nomenclature)? I can't remember which set up I used to use on my EP2 but I remember it took me quite a while to settle on one I was happy with.

It is strange that the old P880 & C875 files are so pliable isn't it? You can push & pull them in PP quite a bit yet the files remain very smooth & with fine color.

I've had to be much more careful with my exposure than I like.

Do you ever shoot Raw? I rarely ever do, but that could give you more leeway for your exposures.

Cheers, geoff


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