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What's your idea on a reasonable price for the 150?

That's actually what I was looking for last fall, when I came across a mint 35-100 for $1200, and bought that instead. Keeping in mind that right now isn't a good time to be selling HG or SHG glass.

If you wait a couple of months, the Panasonic 150 F2.8 will come out. That will depress ZD 150 prices even more, until people find that the Panny lens is like their two fast zooms: almost HG IQ at almost SHG prices.

If you wait until the end of next summer, SHG prices should rebound nicely when the hybrid body comes out. Personally, the slow AF doesn't bother me that much, but market perception governs prices, and market perception isn't always logical.

But, I am looking for a 150F2, if the price is right.

Last year, I gave Pentax long and careful consideration, for much the same reason that I was drawn to 4/3: the rendering qualities of the glass. Then, the EM5 came out, and put a K5 sensor behind HG and SHG glass, albeit with slow AF. so I chose that route instead. It's not perfect, but substantial gains in DR and PP headroom offset the extra effort to work around the slower AF.

I do wonder about the future of Pentax. Their best glass, the DA* primes, were engineered for an APS sensor. How will they do on the rumored FF body, especially now that APS DSLR's in general appear to be on the wane? I believe the Zeiss glass will transition nicely to a FF sensor.

OTOH, if Pentax continues with releases like the K5II while C/N continue to edge away from that market, they could establish their own niche: the primary source for high end APS DSLR's. The reasons that setup is good are still very much valid, regardless of 'the buzz'.

This will be interesting to watch - the marketing chess game.

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