New Garage Studio Setup

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Re: New Garage Studio Setup

slowhands wrote:

I've used a bunch of cheap flimsy wireless triggers, as well as expensive stuff too.

Current in use are: FotoDiox triggers with AC power in-line. Great for studio strobes, have been workhorses for several years. have 3 triggers and 5 receivers. No battery worries.

YN RF603c 16 channel tranceivers. I've bought 8. 100M+ range tested. You can get Canon or Nikon versions, the channels are compatible. Buddy has 6 Nikon version. Standard AAA batteries. Can be used as a camera trigger too - specify the cable. Includes a PC sync port so you can fire studio strobes, or, fire 2 speedlights with one unit. (I gang speedlights together sometimes).

They are well built, reliable, and versatile As Tranceivers, you can put any unit anywhere.

About $35 US/pair.

Many thanks... Just ordered 2 of these, if they work well for me, then I can add another 2 for the studio strobes at a later date.

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