Gray Market Lens Repair, Serial Numbers, etc.

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Re: ... conflicting information ??? ...

GMack wrote:

During the USA lens shortage, due to Japan's recent natural disasters, I bought a lens that needed work right out of the box. It doesn't have the US or USA stamp but it did have the extended warranty yellow paper with it. I got questioned as to "Where the lens came from?" and showed them the yellow USA warranty paper with the matching serial and receipt both and all was well with them (I hand-carried it in to them.). The girl made copies of all of it. I guess the USA importer repacks the boxes with that yellow paper if it doesn't have the right USA or US stamp on it.


sure has me rethinking my next lens with list 300 2.8...

the nikon page for the 300 2.8 or their pdf no mention of any warranty info... maybe i missed these details???

what if i am travelling in EU and decide to buy this lens in italy... while on vacation...

no warranty in usa?

surely this cannot be photogs travel alover and i am sure often buy get on short notice all over the world then return home...

are you guys suggesting they gave piles of gear with fake non-warranties?


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