Yellow K-01 + 40mm lens for US $316.

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Re: EArenz...

McSpin wrote:

I just received my second k-01 yesterday. At that price, I seriously wondering if I should return my newly acquired white one, for a yellow one with free lens. Decisions....

You can assume it's an error when it's actually less than the body-only price, which is $331.47 (discounted down from $349.95)

The K-01 with 40mm is still roughly $440 on Amazon:

And lookit there - "#1 Best Seller in Compact System Cameras"

And so it is, congratulations Pentax Ricoh - the yellow K-01 with 40mm is #1 is perched atop the best sellers list on Amazon, ahead of the white Nikon J1 with two kit zooms in second place (also another 'runout model'):

Thom Hogan wrote an article about just such a thing the other week. Five of the top ten selling cameras in Japan for the last month/quarter or somesuch were non-current models selling at a discount. Pointing to a sea-change in the camera market where at least half (so far) of all consumers becoming savvy enough now because the cameras are all good enough to just wait for the new model with minor tweaks to be released to pick up the current model for a better bargain. How long before the other half cotton too?

Good for consumers, but bad for camera companies in terms of lost revenue and/or profits.

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