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Re: EXIF on pictures

Doug J wrote:

Here's another variation that's close to your example (it's a rainy day and I'm taking a break).

This one uses 2 steps, the first puts the semi-transparent black bar on the photo, the second does the text. You basically do the scripting for what you want, most is point & click, add the field codes for camera, exposure time, etc. and then run it in batch mode. Settings can be saved as .INI files and loaded for specific needs.

One caution - this is (also) a photo editing program than can adjust your photos in user-selected ways, e.g. saturation, sharpness, contrast, size, etc. These functions can be disabled if desired, and then be aware of the "photo quality" save option. For your stated use, a quality setting of ~ 90% will provide +/- the same file size.

If you're interested, I can send you the script (.INI file) & black background JPG I used for this to get you started.

That would be great!  I have been playing with the different settings most the morning and cannot seem to get it to stay in the same spot or have the width/height correct.  I am sure I am just  overlooking something.  I do like the 2nd example.  It has the information I was wanting to put on the pictures.

Thank you very much for your time.

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