More Legacy Lens Talk!

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Re: More Legacy Lens Talk!

Just a few comments. 50mm legacy lenses are common because they were the standard FL on full frame 35mm film cameras; most cameras were bought with them as the first lens; they were basically the kit lenses of their day. They are not necessarily the best choice for an APS-C camera. That depends on what FL you find useful. As for learning which FL you would prefer, I would recommend using the 18-55 and experimenting. You will have a hard time beating that kit zoom @ 24-28mm with legacy lenses. If you need a sharp WA, the Sigma 19mm E-mount would be a better choice, and will avoid the inevitable risk of buying used lenses. I have bought several legacy lenses which showed no visible damage, but were obviously defective optically.

If you do want a 50mm, why not get one of the many excellent 50mm macros? They are slow, but it sounds as if your preferred subject matter doesn't require large-aperture lenses.

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