If Sigma had a mirrorless camera (CSC) ... pros/cons

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Re: unbalanced

stanislaw stitchanow wrote:

I do not want to handhold a DP style camera with a 70-200mm lens, with a 120-300mm lens etc. that even with no viewfinder. How can one mange to handheld such a system?

Absolutely! I have briefly used a NEX 5 with a telephoto zoom attached. I was unbalanced and ungainly in the extreme. ‚ÄčIt was almost impossible to handle without pressing buttons I didn't intend to. I hated it.

Where are the advantages of a mirrorless system? Especially for a Foveon Sensor which demands the best glass and these lenses are big and heavy.

No thank you.

Me too.

I would Prefer a SD2M with a much bigger buffer and RAW file write time of 1 sec like the competition and real third party support from Adobe, Capture one and Apple at least.

Well, I don't think there will be an SD2M -- it's more likely to be an SD1M II or 2 or X. But faster write times will happen eventually.

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