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kyep10 wrote:

@ guidenet you seem to be very resourceful in this field an i appreciate all your gave me a whole bunch of ideas to run with and i will keep a journal of them. i like your ideas of multiple folders. my thing is even though i am new photography, i need to zero in on what i like ( i know this) but my problem is, i love shooting sunsets, beaches, wildlife, people, ...really it seems to me i like to capture anything that catches my interest. i drove by an old farm the other day and noticed a shack that had only one side standing, no roof,no glass in the windows, just one outside wall and i stopped and photographed it. i did it in black and white and i thought it came out great. but thats just me. i feel kinda helpless in where to start because photography is so vast. for instance, it wise for me to get a upgraded flash no matter what the pictures, does a black rapid strap come in more handy than the one that is issue with your camera purchase?, shooting in raw vs high quality jpeg.., shooting in manual mode is best?, there is a million questions i need answered lol..i know i will learn over time. i recently just purchased and received Bryan Peterson's book " understanding exposure" i have signed up for a intro to DSLR class/ workshop...just to get me in the right step in the learning process. i always loved photography and capturing moments in life that might have been otherwise missed, now that i have equipment, and have been practicing and reading books, and forums, i'm hooked lol. anyways i went way off subject didn't i, one question i have is ...i have the standard 18-55 and a 55-250 lens. would you recommend a macro lens for portraits, and what lens would you recommend if i wanted a wide angle lens for landscapes? thank you as always, for taking the time out to listen and respond with such informative answers...

I love your passion. Keep it up.   Nice shots appearing in your gallery too. I like the pet dog.

It's ok to go around shooting everything at this stage. Just put those in a folder called Fun for now. You will still want to master pre-visualization where you create the image in your mind's eye before creating in your camera and your digital darkroom. That's the key to the next step in photography. That's where you learn to create rather than just take an image that presents itself.

I'd not get anymore glass until you really master what you have now. I would get a good solid tripod, something like a Manfrotto 055 XPROB or 190 XPROB in aluminum or graphite. Add a 498RC2 or 496RC2 for your ballhead. Don't go lighter weight than these regardless of the brand. You should be able to get the better of the above two for under $300 USD if you don't get graphite.

For landscape and on a tripod, your excellent 18-55 is plenty wide enough and you'll be stopping down to f/8 or so. This will work perfectly without blowing money on a landscape lens for now. In fact, it will work better than what many buy for a landscape type lens. For macro use, again a tripod is needed, and I'd use that excellent 55-250 lens. If you need to get closer than it will, invest in a Canon 500D closeup lens to screw on the front. Again, don't buy more lenses now. You'll just be blowing moeny you don't need to. You have enough on your plate without loading up with more things to learn.

Remember, you still need to get "The Camera" by Ansel Adams and learn the Zone System by he and Fred Archer. You'll want to memorize all full f/stops for aperture and shutter speed before starting your classes. Just a hint, and learn how they are related. It's doubling and halving light. The same with ISO stops and Zone System Zones. It's doubling and halving light. It all works together. People who never learn this can never really learn exposure. Not really. Many go through life only using A mode and exposure compensation, never really learning why.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. You just have a great time and keep on smiling. Keep up the passion and take care of your Karma. Always leave nature better for you having passed through.

I'm heading out into the wetlands today to see what there is to see. The ponds have been drying up to mud flats, but it rained all night. Maybe there will be some duck I've not seen or some Egret doing something funny. I'd really like to catch a Belted Kingfisher fishing for minnows. You sometimes have to hike a good distance to get away from the noisy bird watching tourists.

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Cheers, Craig
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