First shots with my new 60mm Macro

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Re: First shots with my new 60mm Macro

Y0GI wrote:

jhal wrote:

TomWret wrote:

Sorry jb I should have said the Canon 60mm f2.8 EF-S Macro.

Tom W(ret)

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...a bad picture is like a missed putt, it's never your fault.

it's a great lens but why do you post rubbish shots like those?

The guy is a beginner! Cut him some slack, will ya?

A much better question is why do you feel the need to be so harsh and insulting, when it is totally uncalled for?

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When you get down to the nuts and bolts of photography, the results depend on the 'nut' behind the camera!
See the 'Gear List' in my 'Profile' for my current equipment.
Check out WilbaW's beginner FAQs at -

are you the OP's big brother? I suggest you mind your own threads and leave your feedback to the OP's images.

..and if you have an issue with me send me an email instead of involving the forum police..

and Happy New Year too.

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