Need to format brand new USB hard drive, or not?

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Re: Need to format brand new USB hard drive, or not?

Thanks for the reply, Bob.

When formatting for Mac OS (as I've done it only once before), what settings do you recommend??

BobVell wrote:

andrzej bialuski wrote:

Up until I never have formatted any new external USB HD before starting to use it. Just plugged it into my Imac and started using it with factory formatting.

My question is: should I format it first or just go ahead and start using it with the default factory formatting?

The new drive is a Seagate USB3, 3 TB.

thanks in advance

I always format new external drives. It may not be necessary, but it takes almost no effort.

Depending on the manufacturer, there may be partitions that rob you of some space, there may be a bunch of software/crapware that you don't need, they may have messed up (I recall on the Windows side of things some drives shipping with malware). So, for 1 minutes, I get the drive how I want with only what I want on it.

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