Average workflow on D800 files ?

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leighton w
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Re: @ Robin Casady !

JP Scherrer wrote:

Hi Robin !

Thanks for the valuable tips on LR treatment of D800 files !

Thing is, since its first launch, I used Capture NX and am used to its quirks... but I know it well enough to use it with blind eyes ! I did try several times Lightroom, but never managed to really understand its "philosophy"... As I only shoot very few images, I do not want to have to use a catalog and any classification system for my pics ! ...and it seems that one cannot use LR without going thru these steps !

However, since Capture NX seem to be slightly dying out, I suppose I will sooner or later HAVE TO "learn" another software, so, why not spend more time and seriously study LR ??? Now, with your tips, it should take me a bit deeper into it !

We'll se.....


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If you're thinking about learning more about LR, I would strongly suggest you take the time to look at this video. Once you learn LR, you'll never use anything else!


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