The D800E and the New Sigma 35mm F1.4 Images

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Re: The D800E and the New Sigma 35mm F1.4 Images

Epic Light wrote:

I thought your review was very poorly written. It reads like a 10th grader's book report based only on cliff notes. interesting to know you think the nikkor 24-70 is "one of nikon's sharpest" (maybe at f8?). Sharpness isn't everything and from your samples, I'd still buy the nikkor 35.

Such Ignorance! Someone takes the time to produce a review which may help fellow photographers & this guy responds like this!! It's not just trolling that puts people off posting/reading this forum!

I would like to thank the OP, his review has made me look towards this lens as I am not happy  at all with Nikon's QC or customer service recently.

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