Iauto setting not replicable

Started Dec 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
grumpyolderman Senior Member • Posts: 1,085
Re: Iauto setting not replicable

I dont even know what camera you are talking about, but i found the same on the G5.

When i was playing with the camera to make it my own, I found that as a matter of fact in the iAuto mode or with Ires or isharp you can get effects and improvements of the picture that are hard to reproduce on Raws, as the software treats different parts of the pictures in different ways, with different levels of noise reduction, sharpening. I can not get it as good in Raw.

But like most of the people that answered, I still prefer Raw for the additional abilities to change the WB and get the best DR out with least loss in IQ, and of course consistency  But it did big me that I could not get the res/noise as good as with the "i" settings. Shooting JPG and Raw is one solution, but a slow and time consuming one....

I came from Fuji, and I do like their colours, and in Raw you can adopt the Pana colours, up to a point...


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