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Re: Canon 6D upgrade question

Up till last week I used a 20D with the 24-105mm and with the 10-22mm. I was never completely happy with the 24-105 on the 20D and often used a prime 50mm 1.4 instead. The 10-22mm was stellar on the 20D, one of my favorite combinations.

I was in the same position as you are and thinking about upgrading already a few years. Lately I was waiting for the successor of the 60D/7D and wondering about the jump to FF which has been in the back of my head for years already. I deliberately bought EF lenses (several primes) to keep the option open, the only EFS I own is the 10-22mm.

With the appearance of the 6D, FF became more or less affordable (well....) and I have done a lot of research lately. Now things changed, Santa brought me a 6D and I'm flabbergasted about the enormous improvement in image quality. The combination of the 24-105mm with the 6D is really good. Sharpness and color/contrast are beautiful. This lens is apparently really optimized for FF body's. I do realize that the 6D sensor is far superior to the 20D sensor but the combo 6D with 24-105mm is absolutely fine. Don't worry.

The wide angle is still a bit difficult. I read a lot about the 17-40 and 16-35. I read that their optical quality is even slightly below that of the 10-22mm. My impression is that the optical quality of the 17-40mm is slightly better than of the 16-35mm but the 17-40mm has max aperture of 4.0 instead of the 2.8 for the 16-35mm. Because of the fantastic sensitivity of the 6d sensor that still gives low noise pictures at ISO 25600 (!!!, really unbelievable) I tend to believe that the 17-40mm will do fine on the 6D. The only disadvantage might be the considerable overlap in range with the 24-105. The versatility of the zoom in the wide angle range is however quite useful in my opinion and near 24mm the 17-40 will perform better and have less distortion than the 24-105.

I also looked a bit into the wide angle primes but unfortunately their optical quality seems not much better than the 17-40mm (correct me if I am mistaken please) and moreover not much choice as well. It will take a while before I will decide which way to go (also in view of my bank account ;-)).

Anyhow, un upgrade to the 6D is definitely worth it and the combo with the 24-105mm that you already own will not disappoint you.


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