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Re: New Garage Studio Setup

Sailor Blue wrote:

You really do need to move the lights to get just the right lighting. The perfect example is Rembrandt portrait lighting where moving a light only a couple of centimeters can make the difference between right and wrong. Of course you could move the subject if you have fixed position lighting but that really isn't a practical solution.

Auto-poles will only save you a couple of feet but it is much harder to move the lights. I really recommend you stay with stands. You do have the room for them and they are easy to move so that you can adjust the light.

Thanks Sailor Blue, I hear you on the flexibility of lighting, I was thinking those autoploes just unlock/relock really easily to reposition and an articulated arm would allow minor adjustments,

I'm going to get 2 for the background, but could go for 2 cheaper stands for lighting as long as they fold up quickly for storage. The benefit of autopoles was that I could move them to the side of the room and lock them in place when not in use, whereas with stands I need to store them somewhere, but I'll look into it.

Does anyone how any recommendation for UK sourceable strobes 300w-500w range each? (I'd get the Alien Bees, but hard to get here).

The brolly box suggestion is useful, I think I'll go with that, rather than soft boxes, as they should be better for storage, and a lot cheaper.

My biggest issue is the remote firing of my speedlite (600ex-rt) from my 550D, as I'll need some triggers or the st-e3-rt. Either it's quite a bit of expense to get off camera flash initally. My preference would be to get the brolly box, stand and mount adaptor for use with my speedlite off camera, so I start practising without a massive expense, but that remote firing is my issue...


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