RX100 Video Formats

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RX100 Video Formats

I have a Sony RX100 in a PAL region and the available video recording formats are as follows:

1920x1080 / 50p 28 Mbps (PS)
1920x1080 / 50i 24 Mbps (FX)
1920x1080 / 50i 17 Mbps (FH)

1440x1080 / 25p 12 Mbps

I'm just wondering what the most suitable format for me to record in for general family video.

1920x1080/50p creates huge files, and there is no 25p option AVCHD - only 50i. The 50i curiously enough shows as a 25fps video on my PC - is that because the 50i is actually referring to the number of fields (or half-frames) per second that are combined into 25 frames per second? Whereas in the case of 50p, that's referring to 50 full frames per second?

In any case, the interlaced 50i video looks bad on a PC because of the interlacing artifacts, and the 50p video is a bit of an overkill for family videos. I don't know why there is no 25p AVCHD option - that would seem to be ideal for me.

It may be more sensible to simply use MP4, but the non-square pixels make video played back on a computer look squashed up. I have to tell my media player (VLC) to display the video in 16:9 every time I play a video which is a nuisance.

So my choices are:

1. AVCHD 50p - huge files
2. AVCHD 50i - interlacing artifacts
3. MP4 - non-square pixels

Just as I'm typing this I'm starting to think even though 50p seems like overkill, it's still not as big as the Mini DV AVI files I would capture from my camcorder a decade or so ago. So I guess it's not excessive videoing exclusively in 50p even for family videos. Storage capacities increase and prices come down all the time, so in a few years the files sizes will seem a lot more modest and I'll quite probably be glad I did capture everything in the highest quality.

I'd just be interested in what video formats other RX100 users use and any recommendations.

Sony RX100
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