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lukeols wrote:

So far, what i've found is the majority of the lenses are a 50mm. I've also had the chance to look at the Canon 50 f1.8 and the 50 f1.4. Has anyone used both of these and make a recommendation between the two? What i'm looking for here is a fast lens for indoor pictures,

I happen to have a few of both the Canon 50 F1.4's and F1.8's in the closet. So I took a couple of them out and tested them. Overall, the F1.4 is a sharper lens. Even wide open it's pretty sharp even in the corners. The corners on the F1.8 don't really sharpen up until F4.  You can check out it here.



I'm not very found of the FD mount. It's fiddly. Sometimes the lock ring on the lens is not lined up perfectly and I have to break out the little screwdrivers to push in the little tabs to rotate it into alignment. I managed to break the aperature control on my adapter when I was doing the tests tonight. Luckily it's stuck on the manual aperature setting which is where I want it anyways. It just makes it harder to mount and unmount the lenses since now I have to kind of angle it in.

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