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You specify that you are most interested in fast wide-angle lenses for landscapes and nightscapes... they simply do not exist as affordable options in legacy lenses, and "fast" is not necessary for landscapes: you want lenses that are sharp when stopped way down... something the kit lens is actually good at.

I would use the kit lens for your landscape work for now and develop your skills. That lens can produce great shots. As has been noted by others, there are lots of great fast cheap legacy primes out there, but these are best used for subject isolation (notably portraits) and low-light shots. I would highly recommend finding a good 50-58mm f1.4-1.8 prime as well as a 135mmm tele prime (sharp f2.8-3.5 lenses can be found very reasonably) to practice some short telephoto work.

Finally, invest in a good tripod and remote trigger for your landscape work. No lens can fix camera shake - prevent it from happening up front.

Best of luck, and enjoy the results.

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