Let's talk about the rgb sensitivity in raw.

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Re: How RAW RGB Channel Data is derived from RGB Photosite Image Data

Iliah Borg wrote:

crames wrote:

This is interesting, because it shows that a simple change in luminance causes all three of the Munsell coordinates to change.


<snipped part restored> This makes it less than useful for predicting the effects of exposure or luminance changes in real scenes. How would one know just by looking at HCV that those two colors are part of a "shadow series," with the same chromaticity? The exaggerated differences in Munsell coordinates offer no insight that the spectra of the two colors are very similar.

You are getting it in reverse.

"...it is useful to bear in mind
that the Munsell system was based on scaling
differences in one of the three color attributes
while the others were held fixed. Thus any
effects that intrude when all three attributes are
covaried are unlikely to be accurately described
by the Munsell system."
David Brainard pg 197 in The Science of Color

​Who is getting it in reverse?

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