Suggestion for a default filter to keep on 18-105 lense for protection?

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Re: For protection from what?

I have a lens cap on when my camera is in its case or stored at my house.  Since most of my photography involves wildlife or BIF, I cannot image leaving the lens cap on until I am ready to take a photograph, since I would miss most possible wildlife photographs.  When I spend a day at the beach or on a hike with my camera, the lens cap is never on until the camera is returned to its case.  When I am taking photographs at home, in doors or on a calm day in a garden, or when I am taking a photograph with a light source in front of the camera, I remove the clear filter.  However, when I am at the shore, in windy conditions. in a blowing misty rain, or when I think those conditions may exist, I use a clear filter.  I would rather clean dirt, sand, salt and moisture from a $75-$100 filter than from a lens which costs 10-20 times that amount (dust and splash proof camera and lenses) .  If in my own tests with my camera and lenses, I could see any difference between photographs taken with and without the filter, then I would rarely use a clear filter.  I cannot see any difference and while I may not actually damage the lens cleaning the salt, sand or dirt from the front of the lens, the peace of mind that the filter provides in more the worth the small cost of a good filter.  I do not however believe that a filter adds much impact protection.  The lens hood is far mare effective and would absorb far more impact than a glass and metal filter.

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