Basic setup for photographing glass?

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Re: Basic setup for photographing glass?

DecibelPhoto wrote:

My vote is for studio strobes. The problem - and it's a big one, is that you REALLY get what you pay for with lighting. Don't get Westcott strobes, they're junk. You could scrape by with Paul Buff Einsteins, but I'm not a big fan of those either. Really you want Profoto, which costs more than I'm guessing you would like to spend.

You're not doing this with Profoto or Broncolor unless you're willing to pay $13,000 vs $700:

All things considered, scraping by ain't so bad after all... The Paul Buff options are pretty decent, especially given the price, and with the right selection can give you plenty of bang in a studio environment. The Profoto options for lighting glass? Way overkill at a massive price jump. That doesn't make sense, you could light glass in a controlled environment using flashlights from your local hardware store.

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